Russia has succeeded in winning the precious right to host the World Cup in 2018 by the soccer\'s governing body FIFA. The whole coutry is preparing to show the world a totally new Russia - a country of peace and friendship. Football Union Director-General Aleksey Sorokin stated: "It was our intention to show that Russia is not different from any other country, to show that we do share the same problems, the same issues, that it is not something strange, something hostile, something weird."

In fact, football is one of the sports that attract a large number of fans in Russia, but with the events shown up recently, a worry of racism and hooliganism in which 2018 World Cup should really be taken into consideration.

After a match, fans, often fueled by alcohol, frequently clash with rival and the police. The pictures showed a clash at March 2009 match between Zenit Saint Petersburg and Spartak Moscow.

Like their European counterparts, Russian soccer fans cheer their sides with an enthusiasm but that enthusiasm tend to be more aggressive. In many matchs, people can witness the flares set off by fans.

A Spartak Moscow fan, Sviridov was killed in a fighting with a group of young men from the North Caucasus. His murder inspired thousand of the team\'s supporters to take to the streets for a rally again.

To check out more info in regards to m88ui have a look at our own site. The rally in honor of Sviridov with approximately 1,000 protesters, many of whom showed up Nazi salute, gathered at Kremlin Palace, and shouted slogans "Russia for Russians."

The armed intervention of police did not improve the situation any better, but added more violence to the rally.

After the clashes, more than 60 people were arrested.

The wave of protesters over Svidorov\'s murder quickly spread through over Moscow, with a wave of beating and stabbing of people from the Caucasus or Central Asia around the city.

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